04 July, 2011

4th Jul. Everything is unfinished.

Everything is unfinished.
7月4日 中途半端だぞ

I listed all of the TIOE students who have not completed our abacus class since I came to Tonga. They are supposed to take the final examination until they pass. Now that I cannot give them the test at the end of this semester, I passed the list to Sefo because I’m going back to Japan in 2 and half months.

Around noon, I went to the JICA dormitory, because I wanted to use the bath room and the Internet. Now in CDU, the tap water and the Internet are not working but nobody tries to fix it.


Following that, I visited TIOE. Since semester 2 will start tomorrow, I tried to check our timetable for semester 2. Yet the deputy principal was still making the timetable. Anyway, there seems to be our abacus class tomorrow. I’ve become used to Tongan way. No problem!


  1. 他に行くトイレがあるtorojiro先生はいいとしても、トイレが使えなかったらみんな困るんじゃないですか。みんな家に帰るのでしょうか。

  2. Etsu博士 コメントありがとうございます。