29 July, 2011

29th Jul. One More Matafonua

One More Matafonua
7月29日 またMatafonuaだぞ

In the morning, we held an evaluation meeting with the officers. This time (like this meeting) we had a lot of things which we couldn’t do last time.
 We were mostly satisfied with the competition, but we will change a little bit for the next competition in Vava’u (especially how to fill the blanks, students name, No, school’s name…and so on).


At 10:45, we visited Tupou’s class in GPS Pangai. She showed us her mathematics and abacus class. Her class is well-organized.


Ha’apai kids are just as vigorous as before.

At lunch, we visited Matafonua. Here is the most beautiful place of the main 2 islands I think.

Soroban girls drank smoothie,

ate three big pizzas,


and dessert, they are very good at eating.

When we left, we took a lot of photos of Hirono playing with a swing.


Hirono was very fascinating so we were concentrating on taking photos, and when we came back to our accommodation, I found that I left my backpack at the restaurant.
 I went there one more time by half aggressive walk so it took 35 minutes to get there. If I had walked aggressively, I could have gotten there in less than 30 minutes.
 By the way, I left my backpack, Kimika left her documents in my room and Hirono left her mobile phone in Kimika’s house, maybe all because Hirono’s fascinating photos.


On the way back to our accommodation, I visited Koichi’s house but no one was there, because he had gone back to Japan last June. Instead I could meet Juleigh who lives next to Koichi’s house. This day last year, we were in New Zealand.
 I received Melissa’s clothes and I will pass it to her next week. We are close friends.

This is Juleigh’s YAMANEKO.

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