05 July, 2011

5th Jul. New Students

New Students
7月5日 新しい生徒さんだぞ

Since the Internet and tap water are not working in CDU now, I was in the JICA dormitory in the morning.
Suddenly I received a text message from Sefo. It said we have to start our class in TIOE at 11:20 (according to the timetable, our class starts at 1:00) maybe because of the bad weather.
Although the reason (bad weather) is strange, I moved to TIOE right away.


We welcomed these new students. They are year 2 students. Actually there are 38 students (though it was 28 today). They have already learned Sefo and Torojiro’s name. Nice to meet you! Let’s enjoy abacus. Yet I have to leave here in September…

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