21 July, 2011

21st Jul. More Than One Year

More Than One Year
7月21日 1年以上だぞ

In the morning, I visited ‘Uiha & Son recycling shop to hand over my empty beer and wine bottles. The worker Pone has been to Japan more than 20 years ago and learned something about recycling. He said that Japan is very beautiful because there is no rubbish so Tongans should learn from Japan how to recycle and how to reduce rubbish.
 Japan used to be dirty, but we changed our attitude a few at a time so as long as there are Tongans who have a new way of thinking like him (though he is very rare person now), Tongans can improve this country.


After that I visited the JICA office and passed the thank-you letters, and then I returned this Tongan text book. The new volunteers Manami and Yuuki reminded me that I borrowed it when I was a new volunteer. I checked a notebook and I found that the record of the date was 24 October 2009! Oh…1 year and 9 months has already passed since that date. Time flies. Actually I didn’t use it often.


Sefo was making some oral questions for the competition in Ha’apai. He is the main organizer of the competition.


After work, we had a meeting for the Heilala Fesitival tomorrow. Following that we practiced the Japanese dance “Soran-bushi”. I realized that the last time I danced was at the Heilala Festival in 2010. Oh…1 year has passed since last time I did it. Time really flies when you are having fun.


After the dance practice, we moved to the Queen Salote Memorial Hall to see a Hip Hop Dance. A famous hip hop dance team came to Tonga and they are Japanese who are working in Australia. Their dance was much better than what we saw in Teufaiva stadium last week.


Following that, we had dinner at Talahiva restaurant. I ordered nugget and chips. It was oily but was delicious. After I came back home I danced soran-bushi and did a muscle training before taking a cold shower, because I ate an oily food and I have to train my muscles for my maximum skiing in New Zealand.

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