12 July, 2011

12th Jul. TIOE, Buddha’s egg, Internet

TIOE, Buddha’s egg, Internet
7月12日 教員養成学校・仏の卵・インターネット

It was the last class before the school’s experience. From next week, all of the students will go to school somewhere in :Tongatapu as a student teacher for 5 weeks.
 Sefo checked their fingering and gave them oral questions.
[Movie] Sefo’s oral question動画:(33 sec)

Since the Data Line Computer shop doesn’t have my PC adapter, I called to Taki, who is in my group and has his Buddha face, to ask whether he can fix it or not. It seemed to be possible for him to fix it because he is an electrician and has a Buddha hand, so I called on him after my work. It took less than 30 minutes to get to his place Toloa, because I walked aggressively.
  Data Line ComputerショップにPCアダプターが売っていなかったので、同期で仏の顔を持つ男Taki君に電話して修理できるかどうか聞きました。仏の手を持ち、電気屋である彼にとって可能であるようだったので、仕事の後Toloaへ行きました。攻撃的に歩いたので30分で行けました。

He started fixing it immediately. He said it takes a long time so we decided he will fix it by next time he comes to Nuku’alofa, the day after tomorrow. Thank you for your help Taki.

When I left Taki’s place, he gave me some eggs, which he bought in Toloa. After I came back to my house, I added the raw egg on boiled rice. I used to do it in Japan, it’s common, but we cannot do it in Tonga, because almost all of the food is already expired. On the other hand, Toloa has a chicken farm so it must be fresh. This is so to speak the Buddha egg.

After dinner, I went to the JICA dormitory to use the Internet. I had to send an email about the Heilala festival as early as possible.
 I don’t have the Internet in my house, because Tongan Internet is very expensive (more than 100 pa’anga =5,000 yen per month) and very slow so it is not worth setting up individually. Every time I use the Internet, I come to CDU or the JICA dormitory..

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