28 July, 2011

28th Jul. Ha’apai Competition

Ha’apai Competition
7月28日 ハアパイ大会だぞ

Ha’apai abacus competition was held today.

About 250 students came together from 2 Ha’apai main islands.
[Movie] Competition動画:(10sec)

During the oral problems, Ifa and Sefo were doing well.
[Movie] Oral Ifa & Sefo動画:(25sec, 37sec)

Especially, the marking and list up part went very smoothly for the managers.

Compared with the competition last year, it was a very good competition, maybe because Ha’apai teachers and officers are very good and have the experience to run the competition. In addition 5 volunteers and Sefo and Miwa came to Ha’apai.

Here is our group. Thank you for your trouble.

When we put the hall in order, Sefo and Tupou, who is the charismatic teacher in Ha’apai, were sitting side by side 5 times.


We had dinner at Mariner’s Café. The barbeque plate and beer tasted so delicious.
  ディナーをMariner’s Caféで食べました。バーベキュープレートとビールはとてもおいしかったです。

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