22 July, 2011

22nd Jul. Heilala Festival

Heilala Festival
7月22日 ヘイララだぞ

From the printing room in CDU, I received 3 competitions’ questions. It was more than 2,000 papers, and when the third competition (in ‘Eua) is held I will not be here. I need to classify these papers into each competition and each subject correctly for my replacement.

Around 4 o’clock, I visited TIOE with my kava friend Paea and Katsuya, who can operate a helicopter. We brought 7 long desks, 10 normal chairs and 4 long chairs to our booth. See the photo, it was like a puzzle.


It was the Heilala Festival today. This is the Japanese booth.


We ran these booths: explanation about the natural disaster in Japan and thanks for the donation, health checking (BMI), wearing a Japanese clothes (yukata) and a Japanese traditional festival (tanabata). I have no time to explain it so please check the article of Heilala Festival last year.

During the festival, we danced the Japanese dance “soran-bushi” on the main stage. It will be my last dance in Tonga. Though its sound was too loud, we managed to do it and the spectators were pleased. It will surely become one of my unforgettable memories in Tonga. Thank you everyone.

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