18 July, 2011

18th Jul. Luxurious Dinner

Luxurious Dinner
7月18日 豪華な夕食

I brought documents and passports to apply to the embassy for the participants’ VISA to enter Japan. Although I need a supporting letter, it’s on the way to Tonga so I can say I’ve almost finished arranging the Japanese abacus camp.


I asked my boss Teresa to write four documents, two thank-you letters for the abacus donation from Japan, one thank-you letter to JICA (we received a PC projector before) and an application document for our business trip to Ha’apai. She did it right away. Thank you for your hard work.
 Now I’m arranging the Japanese abacus camp, the outer islands’ competition, Heilala Festival, my private trip to New Zealand and preparation to go back to Japan (handing over my job to my replacement and Sefo).


In the evening, by chance I met Yumi and she invited me to dinner in her workplace. Usually she is collecting animals’ bone but sometimes she entertains us for dinner.
Every month, her school’s students provide a meal to the guests for 25 pa’anga (1250 yen). Since her school has technical course, it will be a good experience for the students. Before I leave I want to join the party again.


Oh I forgot to take a photo of the main dish…anyway, we had a very good dinner. Thank you for inviting us.

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