02 July, 2011

2nd Jul. Cycling, Dance, Tennis, Korean Food

Cycling, Dance, Tennis, Korean Food
7月2日 サイクリング・ダンス・テニス・韓国料理

At 7:30 I participated in the bicycle event. I join it every month. It took 25 minutes to get to the meeting place in Vaini.
 These are all photos which I took.

Recently, 300 bicycles were donated by Australia, and today’s event was owned by two organizations (Pasikala Nuku’alofa & Pasikala Vaini) so there were a lot of bicycles today.


After a 20 km ride, we are provided with a lot of food. Though these were leftovers of the church conference, it was delicious.


On the way back from Vaini, I visited the Blow Holes. It was just as dynamic as usual.


At 1 o’clock, we practiced a Japanese dance for the Heilala Festival. I taught the JICA volunteers how to do it with a lap top PC and a projector. My legs are aching now.


Following that, I played tennis at Liahona. I couldn’t get there by aggressive walking because I was too tired, although I enjoyed just 60 km cycling this morning and danced only 1 hour and a half …I have to train my body more for my skiing in New Zealand and this winter in Nagano (after 5 months).
 Anyway, we enjoyed tennis very much.


At night, I went to the Korean restaurant with my friends. On the way, we saw a beautiful sunset. It’s getting colder in Tonga.

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