27 July, 2011

27th Jul. Preparation

7月27日 準備だぞ

In the morning, I went for a normal walk to the wharf.


Sefo & Hirono

This is a public vehicle of Ha’apai school’s office, just a big truck.


We visited the abacus competition’s hall and did a rehearsal. Sefo and Ifa, who is the school’s officer in Ha’apai, seemed to be ready to read the oral questions.


After the rehearsal, we visited the unique beer shop,


the luxurious market (that’s all Ha’apai residents can buy),


and Talahiva restaurant. The shop keeper seems to decide customers order because when we order, they had only chicken or mix (chicken, sheep and pork) barbeque. Yet while we were eating, I saw the other customers order from another menu. That’s funny.


We saw Kimika’s dog Onigiri. Onigiri means rice ball so Sefo calls him rice ball and I call him Nigirimeshi.


He has very short legs, a big head and is very cute.


Around 3:30, we prepared the Ha’apai High School’s hall for the competition. We brought a lot of desks and chairs from GPS Pangai. Finally it became a beautiful hall.

Since Todd, who is my close Peace Corp Volunteer, is living in Ha’apai High School’s accommodation, we called on him and talked a lot.
 This day last year, we were in New Zealand. Time really flies when you are having fun.


At night, abacus members had dinner at Mariners Café, which is located below our accommodation Fifita Guest House. I ordered ota-ika (Tongan raw fish) and it was delicious.
  夜、Fifita Guest Houseの下にあるMariner’s Caféde食事をしました。Otaikaを注文しました。おいしかったです。

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