26 July, 2011

26th Jul. Staff Meeting

Staff Meeting
7月26日 スタッフミーティングだぞ

At 9:30 Sefo arrived at Ha’apai. Because of Tongatapu shool’s officer’s poor booking, he missed his airplane and he was forced to pay it himself. I cannot explain anymore because it’s too silly. Tongatapu school’s office is destroying Tongan education. If the office disappears, everything will be good. Anyway, all the abacus officers, soroban girls (Hirono, Kimika and Manami), Hiko, Sefo and Torojiro, have come together.

Around 2 o’clock, we had a staff meeting at GPS Pangai. All of the teachers (class3, 4 and 5) came to the meeting. The teachers sitting in the right side and the second teacher from the right (Hiva and Manu) were my students in TIOE last year. I thought, I have been working in Tonga for a long time.
 Sefo was the main organizer, and we helped him. Compared with last year, the meeting was very smooth, maybe because there are 6 abacus officers temporarily in Ha’apai, Ha’apai teachers and school’s officers are great and we had a competition last year.

At 7 o’clock we called on Sachiko, whose job has to do with natural disasters and has a powerful character, and Miyuki, who is a kindergarten teacher and has a kindergarten edition YAMANEKO. On the way, by chance we found that some rooms are still used at GPS Pangai. It was Tupou, she was teaching night abacus class…Oh amazing!!! Please don’t ruin your health Tupou, but she is teaching willingly. She is a really charismatic teacher. One of her students Penisoni is going to Japan next month.

Miyuki and Sachiko provided us with curry & rice and curry & noodle. It was delicious. Sachiko lives in the guest house, so its living room is very big and comfortable.

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