14 July, 2011

14th Jul. Medical Day

Medical Day
7月14日 医療の日だぞ

I visited the dental clinic in the morning because a filling in my tooth was loose. It was very dangerous for us to see a doctor in developing countries, but this situation was not so serious so my tooth has been returned to its former state.


While I was waiting my turn, I danced with Tongans. Aya was instructing the Tongan National Exercise which she completed recently.


In the evening, I saw the doctor Ana to ask her to write a medical certificate to a Japanese orthopedic surgeon. I have a scar on my back so after I come back to Japan, I want to have an operation because I don’t want to have it done here. It was a medical day today.


At night, I went to the bar called “RELOAD”. I drank the Japanese beer “Asahi super dry” but maybe it’s made in Australia or somewhere so the flavor was different from what I used to drink in Japan. In addition, the bar was very noisy…

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