16 July, 2011

16th Jul. Puncture, Going Back, New Soroban Girl, Soran, Tennis, Barber, Kava

Puncture, Going Back, New Soroban Girl, Soran, Tennis, Barber, Kava
7月16日 パンク・帰国・新そろばんガール・ソーラン・テニス・散髪屋・カバ

My bicycle had a flat tire, and it was the third time to fix it this month. Now, it takes 15 minutes to fix it. Of course the hole is in a different place every time.


Around 11 o’clock, I paid my air fare to New Zealand because today was the dead line. By chance, I found the document that says “21-2 volunteers, Going back to Japan”…Oh! That’s ours. Maybe some of the JICA coordinators are arranging it now.


In the afternoon, when I was riding my bicycle, by chance I met Manami, who is the new soroban girl, near my workplace CDU. I decided to show her my workplace because she will have a lot of opportunities to come to CDU from now especially when the abacus & mathematics meeting is held. This is my room.


Banana trees seem to be rare for her, on the other hand these are quite normal for me because I have been living in Tonga for almost 2 years.
 By the way, of the other soroban girls Hirono has really no sense of direction so she cannot come to CDU alone, and Kimika doesn’t match a bicycle so she cannot come here by bicycle.


After that, I moved to the JICA dormitory and practiced the Japanese dance “Soran-bushi”. We are improving our dance.


Following that, we played tennis. A lot of members came together today.

After tennis, I went to the barber Shouko. My hair lost weight. After me, she cut Yumi’s hair. Yumi is collecting animals’ bone.


After a long time away, I went to a kava party. Since I am going scuba diving tomorrow, I left around midnight. Though the Tongatapu kava is not so strong, I have a kava allergy.

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