30 July, 2011

30th Jul. Internet

7月30日 インターネットだぞ

Around 8:30 we left our accommodation. We took this airplane DC-3 the same as on the way to Ha’apai. During World War , there were a lot of DC-3 but now, this is the only one which is working as a passenger plane, in short it’s very rare.


Ha’apai girls (Kimika, Miyuki and Sachiko) and the soroban girl in Vava’u, Manami, came to the airport to see us off. Thank you very much. We had a very good time in Ha’apai.


Kimika’s dog Onigiri (Rice Ball or Nigirimeshi ) also came to the airport on foot, but he was very tired so was sleeping. Anyway, thank you for coming.


Ha’apai is a very beautiful island and has a lot of outer islands.

After I came back to Tongatapu, immediately I went to the JICA dormitory to prepare for the Heilala Festival. We are supposed to march with this portable shrine the day after tomorrow.


After a long time away, I went to the restaurant, Gold Coast. In Tonga, Chinese food is my favorite.


By the way, suddenly I got the Internet in my house, because my landlord connected to the Internet and it is wireless so I can use it for free. At last I can update my blog frequently, and my life becomes convenient though I have less than 2 months left.

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