30 April, 2011

30th Apr. Children’s Fun Fair & Birthday Party?

Children’s Fun Fair & Birthday Party?
4月30日 チルドレンズファンフェア&誕生日会?

I participated in the children’s fun fair as one of the JICA members.


Our booth took charge of a medical checkup, face painting and fishing game.


I was working for the fishing game. After the participants catch 5 fish, they can get a medal as a prize. They enjoyed it very much.


What’s that? Yes, this is the YAMANEKO medals. Although, we made 50 YAMANEKO medals, of course it finished first.


Look! He has 5 YAMANEKO medals. He must be an enthusiastic YAMANEKO fan.


After the festival, I was invited to the Peace Corps party in Nukunuku village. I made friends with two new Peace Corps volunteers, Jac and Christopher. Nice to meet you and please keep in touch with me from now on.
 We talked a lot in English and had a very good time.

This party was held by Asami. She provided us with curry & rice (Japanese taste and Indian taste), salad and tiramisu. It seemed to contain my birthday party. Oh thank you very much. It might be the first treatment as my birthday, because I was just walking for a long time yesterday…

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