10 April, 2011

10th Apr. Pangaimotu, Kite, Karaoke

Pangaimotu, Kite, Karaoke
4月10日 Pangaimotu島・凧揚げ・カラオケ

We went to Pangaimotu Island, which is very close to Tongatapu Island but I have been there only once. Kosuke, who is an embassy officer, is going back to Japan tomorrow, so it was so to speak a farewell party for him.


When we arrived, immediately some old boys started a mah-jongg.

I don’t know how to do a mah-jongg well so I was flying kites with Yousuke who is an embassy officer as well. I have not flown kites for more than 10 years but I could do it the same as before, maybe because when I was child I practiced it great many times.


We ordered fish & chips, hamburger and so on. It was delicious.


Old boys jumped into the ocean at the same time. How stuffy we are!

What are you doing Torojiro?


We went around the island. It took only 30 minutes. There was nothing special but I was satisfied with it, because last time I came here, December 2009, I could not go around.


We had a very good time.

At dinner, we visited the Korean restaurant and then…


moved to a Karaoke room. Tongan volunteers’ song “Shikinami Soul” was great as usual. Kousuke seemed to have nothing to do any more in Tonga because he heard it twice today. Thank you for your trouble.

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