11 April, 2011

11th Apr. Going around schools

Going around schools
4月11日 学校巡回だぞ

Sefo was preparing for his TIOE class. He is very tidy.


Today, he checked the correct fingering a lot. He asked the students to come to the front and show their fingering to everyone.
[Movie] TIOE class動画:(10sec, 32sec)

After TIOE, I visited GPS Puke by bicycle. I have not visited any GPS for a long time individually. From now on, mainly I want to stay in Tongatapu and look after Tongatapu schools until I go back to Japan.


This is class 3 & 4 students. The teacher Manulua asked me to bring abacuses, and her son belongs to this class and participated in the national competition. She is teaching abacus eagerly so I will come here soon to observe her class.

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