22 April, 2011

22nd Apr. Final Report, Fixing My Bicycle, Panorama

Final Report, Fixing My Bicycle, Panorama
4月22日 最終報告書・自転車修理・パノラマ

Have you submitted the 18 months report? I had already finished my final report. We are supposed to submit it when we almost finish our term, 24 months=2 years, although, I have still 5 months anyway I finished everything. I am ready to go back to Japan according to the records.


Around noon, I went to the JICA dormitory, and tried to fix my bicycle with Soane, who is a JICA dormitory’s security guard.


We realized that my bicycle broke 2 spokes and to repair it, we need to remove the gear. To remove the gear, we need a special tool. We decided to bring my bicycle to a repair shop tomorrow.


Around 5:30, I went for an aggressive walk. The evening glow was very beautiful.



My new camera has a panorama function. Though, the data becomes a little bit heavy, the function is good for taking scenery photos, especially of the horizon.


I have not made my special Mabo-tofu for a long time. It was just as delicious as before.

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