03 April, 2011

3rd Apr. Rest

4月3日 休養だぞ

We reviewed a lot about the competition at the JICA dormitory. We were not so tired because we had a good sleep last night.
 I forgot to take a photo. Darn!


After 5 o’clock, I went for an aggressive walk. On the way, I was caught in the rain.


I found the interesting holes, it really looks like a real blowhole.
[Movie] BlowHoles1動画:(5sec, 13sec)

This is today’s Blow Holes.
[Movie] Blow Holes2動画:(7sec, 6sec, 12sec)

Around 7 o’clock, I went to the Korean restaurant with Koichi, K-G, Yousuke and Shouko. We had a very good dinner, but I forgot to take a photo. Oh man! Koichi always makes me forget to do it.

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