23 April, 2011

23rd Apr. Bicycle Repair, Tennis, Cycling, Barbecue

Bicycle Repair, Tennis, Cycling, Barbecue
4月23日 チャリ修理・テニス・サイクリング・バーベキュー

I brought my normal bicycle’s wheel to the repair shop and asked Peti, who is the shop owner, to fix the spokes.
After that I fixed the puncture in the tube and changed its outer tire with the JICA dormitory security guard Soane. We finished it within an hour. Malo ‘aupito Soane.


Around 3 o’clock, I played tennis with the JICA members. We enjoyed it very much.


Following that, I met Naomi and Tana, then we went to the west end of Tongatapu Island.

This is the end. I cannot remember how many times I came here…anyway, it was good exercise.


On the way back, we saw a beautiful rainbow at Nukunuku village. Compared with the eastern part, the western part is much smaller. It takes only 2 hours (50 km) to go around.


After taking a shower, I visited Atsuhiko’s house. We had a barbecue party. Thank you for inviting me. I was not sure why I was so tired. Recently, I feel tired often though I did nothing special. I have to train my body to go back to Japanese society, snow field and so on.


  1. ども。おーつです。テニスのお誘いありがとうございました。

  2. おーつさん コメントありがとうございます。