01 May, 2011

1st May. Normal Walk

Normal Walk
5月1日 普通の散歩だぞ

It was the day of rest today. When I visited the JICA office to check an e-mail and update my blog, I met Kimika, who is one of the soroban girls, a volunteer whose job contains an abacus task. We decided to go for a walk to lose our weight.

We found an interesting house. The house is built above the tree and I know it’s related to a Tongan custom. Brothers are not allowed to live with Sisters when they have grown up, so until they get married they have to live separately like this.


We walked along the coast. It was nice scenery thanks to the good weather.


The new wharf is still under construction. Maybe it will not be finished before I come back to Japan. When we finished our walk, I thought the scenery was new, though it has not changed. Perhaps I took a normal walk, not an aggressive walk today. Kimika seemed to lose her weight.


At dinner, I ate thick white noodles and steamed rice. It was normal.

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