16 April, 2011

16th Apr. New Camera

New Camera
4月16日 新しいカメラだぞ

At 10 o’clock, I went to the JICA dormitory and cleaned the room. It was my duty.


This morning, Taki, who has the Buddha face and is in my group, came back from Japan and gave my camera to me. Oh thank you very much.


I bought a new camera on the Internet and sent it to Taki’s house in Hiroshima prefecture and then he brought it to Tonga.


This is the first photo, which I took with my new camera. We had lunch at Angela restaurant.


After the restaurant, we ate ice cream.


Around 3 o’clock, I played tennis with Matazo who is a senior volunteer. I got there by aggressive walking. Although we played tennis for only an hour and a half, we were so tired because there is no one except for us.


After tennis, I went to the Blow Holes directly. It was dynamic as usual.
[Movie] Blow Holes動画:(21 sec)

I ate dinner, thick white noodles (udon) and curry & potato with Neko-chan. She wanted to eat it, so finally I gave it to Neko-chan a little bit.

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