14 April, 2011

14th Apr. Curry flavor in garlic

Curry flavor in garlic
4月14日 カレー風味のニンニク

I was working in CDU almost all day long. At lunch, I often eat this menu, Chicken & Beef Barbecue plate.
  ほとんど1日中CDUで仕事をしていました。お昼にはよくチキン&ビーフ バーベキュープレートというメニューを食べます。


We call on Pone, who is the chief of the school’s office, every day this week but we always fail to meet him. Maybe tomorrow we will leave a message on his desk.


After work, I made my special curry and rice. I added four whole bulbs of garlic to it. After that I brought it to the JICA dormitory.


I provided it to Ikumi, who is a new volunteer and Shouko, who is in my group. They said it’s delicious, though this is not curry & rice with a garlic flavor, but garlic with a curry flavor.  My special curry and rice is getting popular among the JICA volunteers.

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