06 April, 2011

6th Apr. New Field of Activity

New Field of Activity
4月6日 新天地だぞ

Neko-chan found a comfortable place.


I spun a top beside Neko-chan. She seemed to be interested in it.
[Movie] Spin a top動画:(21sec, 17sec, 59sec)

Sefo took charge of the main teacher in TIOE. Though, he has to learn a lot of things, especially how to run the class, his Tongan is much better than my strange English.
[Movie] Sefo’s lesson動画:(9sec)

Thanks to the pretty girls, Sefo looks happy.

Torojiro is happy as well.

During Melissa’’s lesson, Taika was sleeping on my lap.

After Melissa’s lesson, suddenly I was invited to Atsuhiko’s house. We ate a lot of fish. Thank you for inviting me.

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