04 April, 2011

4th Apr. Cat, TIOE, Neko-chan

Cat, TIOE, Neko-chan
4月4日 ネコ・教員養成学校・Nekoちゃん

The cat above the ceiling was active as well today.


I started teaching at TIOE. They went to the school’s experience (student teacher) for 5 weeks. 70% of the students came together today. I hope almost all students can attend my class next time.
[Movie] TIOE class動画:(31sec)

Today, I was a main teacher and…

Sefo was one of my students but next time he should be a main teacher.

Around 7 o’clock, we went to Little Italy restaurant with the new volunteer Ikumi. I didn’t forget to take a photo, though Koichi was there.
  7時頃Little Italyへ新隊員のIkumiさんと行きました。Kouちゃんがいたにも関わらず写真を撮るのを忘れませんでした。


By the way, Neko-chan has come to my house today. Long time no see and welcome to my house. I will train Neko-chan a lot from now.

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