26 April, 2011

26th Apr. Neko-chan’s trial

Neko-chan’s trial
4月26日 Nekoちゃんの試練だぞ

I ate ota ika (Tongan raw fish) at this restaurant. I tried to find the name, but I failed. Anyway, this restaurant’s ota ika is very nice.


I wrote a supporting letter to the ministry of education. The ministry made a new post, abacus officer, in the ministry. Though Sefo has already been working as an abacus officer, he has to apply for the post. Although he should be approved, it was an official advertisement so the other teachers asked me to write down its supporting letter. I am busy lately.


When I went back to my house, I gave food to Neko-chan and Taika. I found an interesting fact. When Neko-chan was eating her food, Taika disturbed her but she handed over her food. Oh Taika looks stronger than Neko-chan. I believe that Neko-chan respects young cats.
[Movie] Neko-chan’s trial動画:(48 sec)



I’m sorry for Neko-chan so after Taika ate his food, I put Neko-chan’s food on the high shelf. This is her suitable place for eating her food.


I made thick white noodles and rice.  While I was eating dinner,


Taika was sitting on my bag. Oh… here is a Neko-chan’s favorite place. Poor Neko-chan.

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