15 April, 2011

15th Apr. Meeting of Admiring Shinshu & Tanegashima Island

Meeting of Admiring Shinshu & Tanegashima Island
4月15日 信州と種子島を愛でる会だぞ


After work, I went to the Chinese restaurant, Precious Stone, with Yuka and Asami. It seems to be hard for them to come to a Chinese restaurant without boys.  
  仕事の後、Taneさん、AsamiさんとPrecious Stoneという中華料理店へ行きました。男の人無しで中華料理店に行くのは若干抵抗があるようです。


Following that, we moved to my house and had the meeting of “Admiring Shinshu & Tanegashima Island”. Yuka is from Tanegashima Island, which belongs to Kagoshima prefecture. I have been there once just before Tonga. This island is famous for its space center.

Asami is from Nagano prefecture, the same as Torjiro. I was in Nagano for 11 years and in 5 months, I am going back to the same primary school I used to work for in Nagano. There are a great many attractive things in Nagano. I think especially buckwheat noodles, soba, is the most popular in Nagano.

By chance, I received it from my family in Japan, so I provided it to them. The soup, which I made yesterday, seemed to be good. We saw a lot of pictures and had a very good time. Though, I am happy recently I am complying with many request from my friends.

Some days ago, Asami asked me to make her original YAMANEKO “achami YAMANEKO”.  Though, I made her original YAMANEKO-KO with its abacus edition in January, I accepted her request, because she is an enthusiastic YAMANEKO fan, and is a Nagano resident.

achami YAMANEKO has a slender body, eyebrow and whiskers. In addition, its eyes are slightly bigger than the others. Also I gave her the world’s smallest YAMANEKO doll. How kind Torojiro is!

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