24 April, 2011

24th Apr. New Roads

New Roads
4月24日 新しい道だぞ

Although, it’s Easter holiday, 4 days break, I have nothing special to do. I went to the JICA dormitory and updated my blog. I am waiting for an e-mail from Burkina Faso, because there are a lot of the same group volunteers and they will be forced to go back to Japan because of the social situation in the country. I sent an e-mail 5 days ago; they may be on the way to Japan. I hope they are all safe.


Neko-chan looked sleepy so…


I cut her claws. Because when Neko-chan is active, sometime she hates for me to cut her claws.


At 4 o’clock, I went for an aggressive walk. This crossing is on the main street, which reads to the airport, and I wanted to turn left here.


After I turned left, I got to a dumping ground.


This crossing is located very close to the airport. We usually turn right here to go to the airport, but I wanted to go straight.


After I went straight, I got Oholei Beach. I came here last Sunday. I wanted to go to the beach but…


It was closed, because it’s Easter holiday now. Oh man!


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