19 April, 2011

19th Apr. Endangered Species

Endangered Species
4月19日 絶滅危惧種だぞ

Around 11 o’clock, I went to Teufaiva stadium with Kuniko, who is a Japanese language teacher, and Lynn, who is a Peace Corps volunteer in CDU. This is high schools’ national sport competition. Though, I came here last year, it was exciting this year as well.

At last, I ate Ota ika, Tongan raw fish, at Talahiva restaurant. Recently, every time I went there they were short of fish. It costs 6 pa’anga (300 yen) and was delicious.
  ついに、TalahivaレストランでOta ikaを食べました。最近行くたびに、魚を切らしていたのです。6パアンガ(300円)で美味しかったです。

We added up the term end test’s results. We finished 27 of 48 schools in Tongatapu.


Kuniko came back from Ha’apai yesterday. When she arrived there, the Ha’apai girls welcomed her with this poster. Although it’s very nice, I’m not sure why there is a YAMANEKO. Anyway, thank you for drawing it.
 By the way, Koichi came back to Ha’apai by the same airplane as Kuniko. Though, his name was in the poster, the space was much smaller than YAMANEKO’s…Poor Koichi.


After work, I called on Naminami and helped him to send a contribution to Japan on the Internet.

After that, I went to Talahiva restaurant again with Naminami. We ordered Ota ika but it had already finished. Oh my goodness.
  その後、NaminamiTalahivaレストランに行きました。Ota ikaを頼みましたが、既に終わっていました。残念・・・

Neko-chan likes my bag very much.

My younger sister Akiko sent a photo of an advertisement for a Japanese mobile phone. I was taking the telephone company DoCoMo and it has 2 services, mova and FOMA. I belonged to mova (older one) and it will finish completely in March next year.

DoCoMo wants the mova users to move to FOMA, but I will never change the service. After I go back to Japan, I will continue the mova service until it finishes.

How outdated this mobile is! I am the endangered species. I may be able to become a living national treasure.

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