07 April, 2011

7th Apr. Old Boy’s Mah-jongg

Old Boy’s Mah-jongg
4月7日 おっさん麻雀だぞ

We called on Hepeti, who is the representative of TSEA (Tongan Soroban=abacus Education Association). We talked about our budget bill.


After work, we went to Yousuke’s house and played a mah-jongg. It was my first time to do it. It seems to be interesting but I prefer going outside and doing an exercise to a mah-jongg. I cannot sit still for a long time.
 Thanks to mah-jongg, I started to think about going skiing.


I gave No.287 YAMANEKO doll to Kousuke, who is a Japanese embassy officer and is going back to Japan next Monday. Thank you for your arrangement for the abacus competition.

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