29 April, 2011

29th Apr. Extreme Aggressive Walking Again

 Extreme Aggressive Walking Again
4月29日 超攻撃的散歩ふたたび・・・

It was a nice day today, so at 9 o’clock, I went for an extreme aggressive walk. 2 weeks ago, I walked 80 km and I was supposed to walk more than 100 km today.

The route was the same as before. First, I visited Captain Cook’s Landing Place.
  ルートは以前と同じでした。初めにCaptain Cook's Landing Placeを訪れ、

The road is under construction now.


After Ha’amonga…

I went along the boring road…and then

I arrved at ’Anahulu cave. I knew we need to pay money to enter the cave so I just passed it.


This is Oholei beach. I came here 5 days ago, by the short cut way it took less than an hour but today, it took two hours because I went by a roundabout way.


This is Keleti beach, which is located on the south coast.


Around here, ‘Utulau village, the east part ends. I walked 70 km. From now the western part starts.


I visited the Blow Holes on the way to the west end.

This is a traditional church, which is in Kolovai.

Around 2 o’clock, I got to the end of the western part. I came here last Saturday.


On the way back to my house, I had a rest once, and after 3 o’clock, I came back. It was 110 km walk and took 6 hours. Good exercise!


After a short time break, I went to CDU to check my e-mail. I received a lot of birthday messages. Oh I remember! It was my birthday today. Thank you very much. Last year, I celebrated my birthday twice in New Zealand and Samoa. Though I had my birthday only once this year, I enjoyed a lot.

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