27 April, 2011

27th Apr. The bicycle disciplines my mental part.

The bicycle disciplines my mental part.
4月27日 精神修行チャリだぞ

In the morning, Sefo and I prepared for our TIOE class a lot. Sefo is writing down his plan and review every class. How thoughtful he is!  Although, I don’t have a methodical nature like him, I advised him how to run the class a little bit. I am just good at talking.


After that, Leotisia, who is the deputy principal of GPS Nuku’alofa, called on me. I wrote her supporting letter to apply for the new post in the ministry of education.


Around noon, I ate ota ika at Talahiva restaurant.

When I was eating it, I saw a interesting car. The phrase (advertisement) on the back and its number plate are the same. “IFO ATU” means “Much delicious”
  食べている時、面白い車を見ました。後ろの広告の言葉とナンバープレートが同じです。こんなのあり?? IFO ATU]とは「とてもおいしい」という意味です。


At TIOE, Sefo taught division. We have almost finished teaching all of the basic skills. I recommended to him another point of view which students can review whether their division process is correct or not by using multiplication’s theory. He was impressed and will teach it next time.


I cannot explain it well in English and in Japanese as well, so please watch this movie. After I fixed my bicycle, something happened on it.
Usually when we are riding a bicycle, if we stop pedaling, the gear on the rear wheel should stop moving with its chain, front gear and pedals. Yet my bicycle’s rear gear doesn’t stop its movement when I stop pedaling, it means the chain becomes slack and then it comes off. Oh man!
Fortunately I found a great solution. Every time I stop pedaling the chain comes off, so if I don’t stop pedaling it will never come off.
From now on, I cannot stop my movement even if the road is going down or I am very tired. This bicycle trains me not only physically but also mentally. In addition, I may be able to say this situation reforms my way of thinking from an abacus teacher to physical education teacher. It’s good preparation for going back to Japan because once I go back to Japan, I will return to being a P.E teacher.
[Movie] How to come off the chain動画:(29 sec)

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