18 April, 2011

18th Apr. YAMANEKO will go over to Niuatoputapu Island again.

YAMANEKO will go over to Niuatoputapu Island again.
4月18日 山ネコ再びニウアトプタプへ

I went to TIOE not for my class but for meeting Telesa, who was my student last year. She became a teacher in Niuatoputapu Island.
 Niuatoputapu is one of the Niuas group and it’s located very close to Samoa. Telesa is the best student and is teaching abacus eagerly so I gave her a new teachers’ book, pupils’ book, abacus for the expert level, and No.289 YAMANEKO doll. She will try to pass the level 5 and participate in the Japanese abacus camp. You can do it!
 When you come to Japan, I can look after you willingly. Keep in touch, and I hope you have good luck in Niuatoputapu. By the way, it’s YAMANEKO’s second time to go over to Niuatoputapu.
This link below is the article which YAMANEKO went there for the first time.


After work, I went to the JICA dormitory and helped Naminami to count the contributions for the Japanese disaster. It totaled about 1,400 pa’anga (70,000 yen). I am the abacus volunteer.


Following that, we had dinner at Friend’s Café. Junco and Naminami are in my group, we talked about when we go back to Japan. We have only 5 months left. Time really flies.

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