13 April, 2011

13th Apr. I would like sweet sake.

I would like sweet sake.
4月13日 味醂が欲しいぞ

When I woke up, Neko-chan was sleeping on a Tongan fan. She is very cute.


At last, I sent abacuses to Niuafo’ou. Although I brought some abacuses with me when I went there, because we were not allowed bringing any excess luggage, I left more than half of them behind. Thank you for waiting.

At TIOE, Sefo reviewed addition and subtraction one more time. Some of the students have not completed the correct fingering yet.


I am looking for sweet sake for the seasoning to make a soup in buckwheat noodles. My family sent buckwheat noodles but I don’t have the soup. Unfortunately there is no sweet sake in Tonga. Kuniko, who is a Japanese language teacher, told me that we can make it from Japanese sake and sugar. Though we don’t have Japanese sake in Tonga, I will try to make it with a white wine.

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