21 April, 2011

21st Apr. Puncture

4月21日 パンクだぞ

I ate lunch with Melissa at Little Tokyo restaurant. At last, we could eat Tekka Maki (Tuna roll sushi) and Tekka Don (Tuna and rice in a bowl). Of course it was delicious.


On the way back from the restaurant, I had a flat tire. I did not run over anything, it was caused by too much riding. My tire became very thin.
 To tell the truth, it was the third time that I had a flat tire because of too much riding. I have liked to ride bicycles very much ever since I was child.

After work, I went to the JICA dormitory and we prepared for “Children’s Fun Fair” which will be held on 30 Apr. We made a lot of medals for kids.
 仕事の後、JICAドミトリーへ行きました。そして4月30日に行われる“Children’s Fun Fair”の準備をしました。子ども達の為にたくさんのメダルを作りました。


Following that, we called on Akiko, who is the replacement of Kousuke. Although, it was a nice house and we had a good time, I forgot to take a photo maybe because of Kouichi in Ha’apai Island.

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