02 April, 2011

2nd Apr. Change

4月2日 変わったぞ

I went to a flea market with Hirono and Kimika. Their goal was changing my fashion to bring me close to marriage. If I succeed, I may be able to get married to someone next week.


I wanted to buy this T-shirt because the picture on the front is skiing, but it was too big for me. Anyway, after an hour, I bought 3 shirts and shorts. I might change.


We ate lunch with Shigeki, who is a JICA officer and then

move to my house. We had to prepare for a welcome party in the evening, but we were so tired.
At last we managed to finish making our special garlic curry and rice. I was forced to add only a whole bulb of garlic to it.

At 5:30, the party started. A junior volunteer, who is a Japanese language teacher, the senior volunteer, who is going to work for CDU as a replacement of Yukio, and his spouse came to Tonga.
 It was a good welcome party though I was so sleepy.


I gave No.286 YAMANEKO doll to Ryo, who is a volunteer coordinator’s son. He will turn 6 years old this month, and he wanted me to make an abacus edition YAMANEKO for a long time.
 By the way, my birthday is 29 Apr.

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