25 April, 2011

25th Apr. Two Cats

Two Cats
4月25日 ねこ2匹だぞ

Around noon, I went to the JICA dormitory to update my blog and check my e-mail. Though I am writing my blog continuously, I have not received any e-mail from Africa.


Around 3 o’clock, I went for an aggressive walk. The Blow Holes was just as dynamic as usual.
[Movie] Blow Holes動画:(11sec)


I got used to using the panorama function of my new camera.

Around 7:30, Melissa called on me and entrusted me her cat Taika. Melissa is going to Fiji for a week.
 I provided her with my special curry & rice and miso soup. She said it’s delicious, so I was happy.
 Nekoちゃんデカッ! Torojiro先生、黒っ!


Although Taika is very interested in the new environment (especially Neko-chan’s tail), Neko-chan seemed that she doesn’t want Taika to disturb her life, so she growled and hissed at Taika a lot.
 Hopefully, she becomes used to Taika soon, and they will have a good relationship before Melissa comes back.

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