08 April, 2011

8th Apr. Teaching at St. Andrew

Teaching at St. Andrew
4月8日 St. Andrew高校での指導だぞ

At 9 o’clock, I went to St.Andrew’s High School to teach something about Japan. This is Melissa’s class. She asked me to teach it before; of course I accepted it willingly.  


I taught about a Japanese house, flower, family, student, clothes, language and so on. They are 12-13 years old, almost the same as the students whom I used to teach in Japan. In Tonga, it’s rare for me to teach something directly to this age so I looked back upon my Japanese life.


Sefo sent an e-mail to Hepeti. I taught him how to attach files to his mail. After that, we called on Hepeti and confirmed whether he received it or not. He has a methodical nature.

Today’s Neko-chan. I call it “Queens way of sitting”


I watched ski DVDs, because this afternoon, I met Taichi, who is the chief of a diet club activity and came back from an ‘Eua trip today, and we talked about skiing a lot.
 I am training my muscle almost every day so my body is ready to go skiing, but I found that my mind is not. Thank you for reminding me to watch them. I have more than 40 ski DVDs in my external hard disk, especially Kazuki Watanabe, Hisaya Sato, Takao Maruyama Keisuke Iyama. Whenever you want I can give it to you.


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