17 April, 2011

17th Apr. Extreme Aggressive Walking

Extreme Aggressive Walking
4月17日 超攻撃的散歩だぞ

It was fine today, so I went for an aggressive walk, but I walked harder than usual today.


First, I visited “Captain Cook Landing Place”. It took 40 minutes.
  初めにCaptain Cook Landing Placeに行きました。40分かかりました。


After that, I saw Ha’amonga. It took another 40 minutes from “Captain Cook Landing Place”
  その後、Ha’amongaを見ました。Captain Cookからもう40分かかりました。

After Ha’amonga, the road becomes very bad and the scenery becomes boring.


Last time, I went to the Oholei Beach with my younger sister and her friend, but I didn’t go today. I just passed it today.


We can see ‘Eua Island from the east side of Tongatapu Island.


After the boring road, I arrived at GPS Ha’alalo, which is close to the Blow Holes. I was supposed to go around only the eastern side, but unconsciously I came into the western side. I decided to go back home.
 When I came back to my house, I confirmed that I walked 80 km today. I was tired so after taking a shower, I took a nap. I walked a lot today.
 I think I am really an abacus volunteer.

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