28 April, 2011

28th Apr. Curry&Rice, Examination, Soup

Curry&Rice, Examination, Soup
4月28日 カレーライス・試験・うどんつゆ

I ate curry & rice at Little Tokyo restaurant. This is a Japanese taste because the owners are Japanese.


Around 3:30, Fakafetai, who is Leotisia’s son, came to CDU to take an examination. He is working for GPS Havelu. Although, he passed the level 8 and it was a perfect score, his method was different from the basic.
 After I said congratulations, I told him that if you teach the basic skill to your students and you use your own way when you use abacus privately, we have nothing to say. On the other hand, if you teach your own way to your students, it will be a great problem, because the other teacher will teach your students next year and then the students will be confused because of the difference. In addition, now your level (level 8), it may be OK, but in the near future, your own way will disturb your development when you calculate big digit, decimal and so on.
 Anyway, I do not force him to change his way. Everything is his choice. In general, Tongans like to do their own way. It may be easy and happy, but they can never develop, because they are not able to improve with each other. This is the basic problem in this country I think. This is an education, not a hobby.


At dinner, I made thick white noodles. Today, I made its soup from scratch. I used soy sauce, salt and powder soup stock. It was not so bad.


After that, I prepared a lot for tomorrow. I will go for an extreme aggressive walk. I am not sure what will happen tomorrow.

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