31 January, 2011

31st Jan. Charismatic Hairstylist Shoko

Charismatic Hairstylist Shoko
1月31日 カリスマ理容師Shokoだぞ

Recently, I have been busy getting ready for TIOE class, the business trip to Niuafo’ou, arranging an abacus & mathematics meeting, teaching my counterpart Sefo and so on. I can go back to a Japanese busy life anytime. It means my life in Tonga is not so different from my Japanese life, I am working until just before I go to bed every day; it may be a good situation for me because I have to go back to Japan in 8 months.


After work, I went to the JICA dormitory to meet Shoko, who is in my group. She cut my hair. It was her third time to cut it, so she has become used to cutting it. She may be able to be a hairdresser after she goes back to Japan.

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