23 January, 2011

23rd Jan. The First YAMANEKO-KO

1月23日 初めての山ネコ子
I called on Asami, and she provided me with a Japanese style curry and rice.

I brought apples and garlic, and asked her to add them to our curry and rice. We added only two whole bulbs of garlic. We felt it’s short of garlic.

But the curry & rice tasted good. Thank you for providing the curry to me. I will try to make it some days later in my house.

I gave No.271 YAMANEKO doll to Asami. It was an abacus edition and YAMANEKO-KO, a girl YAMANEKO. She ordered it last month. She was very pleased, so I was happy.

I used to make YAMANEKO-KO only for the “Girls’ (Doll’s) Festival edition” with its pair. It was the first time that I made it individually. Hopefully, Asami will not be single forever. Anyway, a single YAMANEKO-KO was her request. Even if something happens, it’s not my fault.

This is Momo. She doesn’t know what an abacus is. This is because she is a class 1 student in a primary school. In Tonga, kids start learning abacus when they are in class 3. She is very interested in my camera, and took the photo herself.


Asami and Momo have a very good relationship.

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