21 January, 2011

21st Jan. The last workshop in Tongatapu

The last workshop in Tongatapu
1月21日 トンガタプ最後のワークショップだぞ

We went to GPS Vaini in the morning. It was the 6th place we visited this week. I was tired of doing the same thing, but anyway we have finished going around to all of the central schools, and have informed all of GPS school teachers (49 schools, 330 teachers) about an abacus program.
 [Movie]Sefo’s explanation動画:(18sec, 22sec)

At CDU, we prepared the materials (abacuses, teachers’ books, pupils’ books, workshop documents) for the outer islands. We distributed them into 3 districts (Ha’apai group, Vava’u group, Niuas group).
 Ha’apai needs 220 abacuses, 14 big abacuses, 14 teachers’ books and 75 pupils’ books. Vava’u needs 90 abacuses, 11 big abacuses, 11 teachers’ books and 60 pupils’ books. Niuas needs 105 abacuses, 5 big abacuses, 5 teachers’ books and 27 pupils’ books. It took a long time and amounted to 9 boxes. Wow!


We visited TIOE. We will not be able to teach abacus at the beginning of the school, because we have to go to Vava’u and Niuas (outer islands) as CDU officers to give a workshop from next week. We needed to ask something to the teachers until we come back.
 TIOE was supposed to start on 24 Jan. But the deputy principal Sofi said it may start on 31 Jan. Everything, including a timetable, has not been determined. We may be able to be on time.

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