24 January, 2011

24th Jan. Vava’u

1月24日 ババウだぞ
In the afternoon, we left CDU and went to the airport. We checked in with a great many pieces of luggage. We paid a lot of excess fees.


It takes about 50 minutes to get to Vava’u Island by airplane. It’s 300km from Tongatapu.


In Vava’u, Taichi, who is exactly my age, welcomed me at his house.


Although, I can stay at the same house which I stayed in last time I came here with Sefo, there is no electricity and tap water because of unpaid bills.
 But I am going to Niuafo’ou Island from next week, for 2 weeks. The Niua group has two islands (Niuafo’ou & Niuatoputapu) and there is almost no electricity on these two islands. I can say, today, we could prepare for the next week.


In the evening, the sky had became a strange color. This is because a cyclone is coming. Tomorrow morning, it will come very close to Tonga. Maybe tomorrow, we will not be able to do anything.


Around 10 o’clock PM, I wrote my blog by candlelight. Even if the situation becomes hard, I will not stop writing my blogs.

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