11 January, 2011

11th Jan. Chicken Ramen

Chicken Ramen
1月11日 チキンラーメンだぞ

I taught Sefo how to use Microsoft Excel. It was his first time to learn how to use a PC, but he is doing very well.


During Melissa’s lesson, I met Farfum and Marie. I gave Farfum the postcards which my teacher’s friend sent from Japan for an international exchange. I used the cards at TIOE first, and then handed it to him. He will update it on his blog.


I took a photo with the beautiful ladies. Melissa is on the right, Marie is on the left.


At night, I ate the Chicken Ramen ( a very famous Japanese instant noodle) at last. Last year, maybe in November, Yukio gave it to me. The noodle and raw egg go together very well, but I was wondering if I can use Tongan raw egg, because sometimes Tongan eggs are expired.


Fortunately, Koichi brought fresh eggs yesterday from Toloa, which is our Buddha Taki’s workplace. Toloa has a chicken farm so these eggs must be fresh.


First, set the dried noodle in a bowl, and then put a raw egg on it (There is a small hollow in the surface of the noodle for a raw egg.), finally pour boiling water into the bowl.  After 3 minutes the delicious noodles, Chicken Ramen, are ready to eat. Of course it has a Japanese taste.

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