28 January, 2011

28th Jan. Teaching, Eating, Fixing, Making

Teaching, Eating, Fixing, Making
1月28日 教えて、食べて、直して、作ってだぞ~

At CDU, Sefo taught his teacher’s friend Mele the level 6. She aims at going to Japan this year. Teachers need to pass the level 5. Good luck!

After Melissa’s lesson, we went to CANTON FAST FOOD and had dinner. We ate spring roll, boiled dumpling, fried noodle with vegetable, mabo-tofu and steamed white rice. This restaurant is very cheap, so I want to come here sometimes. Thank you for informing me about a good restaurant.


At night, I fixed the ceramic YAMANEKO doll (which was broken by the cyclone) with Japanese glue. I think it has been restored.

Following that, I made this special YAMANEKO doll. I have almost completed it. Do you understand what I am representing?

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