06 January, 2011

6th Jan. Revenge, Overworking, Fixing

Revenge, Overworking, Fixing
1月6日 Revenge, Overworking, Fixing

At CDU, I taught the abacus level 2 technique to Sefo. Last year, I visited GPS Houma many times to give the level 2 examination to him, but every time he failed. Though the level is difficult, he will pass it this year, because I can teach him anytime he wants.


At lunch, I visited the Little Tokyo restaurant. The Santa Claus was playing a saxophone. He never leaves here all year round. He may be the hardest worker in Tonga.


At the JICA dormitory, I fixed Aya’s bicycle. It had a flat tire and I am used to fixing it, so it took only 30 minutes.


While I was fixing it, Taki, who is in my same group and has a Buddha face, was fixing the scales. Taki is an electrician so he can fix almost all electric products by the hand of God, no… by the hand of Buddha.

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