02 January, 2011

2nd Jan. The last sightseeing in Tonga

The last sightseeing in Tonga
1月2日 最後のトンガ観光だぞ

In the morning, we ate Oshiruko,sweet azuki (red-bean soup with pieces of rice cake). In Japan, we usually eat Oshiruko at the beginning of the year. I felt a Japanese New Year temporarily.


At 10 o’clock, Tevita came to my house to bring us to his church in Anana village. We took a photo with his family. His parents, who are standing in the middle, have 6 kids including Tevita and Vika, who is a beautiful Tongan and working for the Japanese embassy. Amazingly, 6 kids is not so big in Tonga.


After the church, we were invited to a lunch party called kaipola, which is a very traditional Tongan party. Akiko and Chie sat in front, next to the secretary. They were so to speak special guests. We ate a lot, and had a very good time with Anana families.

At 2 o’clock, we visited Likualofa resort to enjoy snorkeling. After an hour, we moved to the beach, which is located next to Likualofa. Thanks to Tevita’s help, we enjoyed our snorkel luxuriously.


There were a lot of beautiful fish.

A starfish is on the back of my head.

This is a Dusky Anemone fish, which is famous for the movie Finding Nimo.

Torojiro was fighting with Nimo.

On the way back to my house, we visited one bakery. By chance one clerk talked to us in Japanese, I found that she is Tonga High School student, Lavinia, and is learning Japanese language at school.


At night, we called on Atsuhiko’s house, which is very close to my house. At Hideaway, ‘Eua’s accommodation, we met him and he asked me to come to his house, if we have time.
 We ate spaghetti, talked a lot, and drank beers, vodka and a soft drink. Thank you for inviting us.


On the way back to my house, we found the Southern Cross. It was 11 o’clock PM. Now it’s hard for us to find it, because it starts to rise up at late this season, but by chance we were outside late, and the east direction was fine. They were pleased.

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