14 January, 2011

14th Jan. Bye-bye Neko-chan

Bye-bye Neko-chan
1月14日 バイバイNekoちゃん

At CDU, I made a lot of documents with Sefo for the planning week’s workshop, which will start from next Tuesday. After we made them, I asked the printing room in CDU to photo copy. It amounted to nearly 1,000 papers. Wow!

In the evening, Yumi, who is Neko-chan’s owner, came to my house to get Neko-chan back. Neko-chan looked nervous but I think she will become composed at her original house soon.


I made thick white noodles (Udon), which my younger sister Akiko brought from Japan. It was delicious but I was still hungry, so…


I made Chinese noodles, Ramen. I added only a whole bulb of garlic to it. How tiny the volume is! On the other hand, it tastes good, and I became full enough.

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