17 January, 2011

17th Jan. Walking Horse

Walking Horse
1月17日 お馬さんパカパカ
Every Monday, It is our duty to clean the meeting room and a toilet. Sefo has a methodical nature, so he can clean the room much better than Torojiro.


Following that, we started working, but immediately all CDU workers started moving to the Queen Salote College hall. It was the dedication service to congratulate the new minister of Education Dr. Ana Maui.
 She also gave certificates and gifts to retiring teachers.

Talahiva, who is a CDU worker, received them. Thank you for your trouble for a long time. She can continue CDU jobs as an acting director (a promoted position).


Around noon, I saw the horse walking beside a car. Actually the car was leading the horse. This collaboration was rare for me.
[Movie]Walking Horse動画:(10sec)

At 4 o’clock, we managed to finish the presentation data, which we will use tomorrow in a Power Point. Our workshop must be fine.

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